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Advanced TC™ Filter Cap Cell Culture Flask

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-Advanced TC™ polymer modification for fastidious or sensitive adherent cells

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Product Name Part # Image Price Qty
Advanced TC, T25 Flask, ST, w/Filter Cap, 10/Pack, 200/Case

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Advanced TC™, Filter Cap Cell Culture Flask, T75, Sterile, 5/pk, 5/Pack, 120/Case

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Advanced TC T175 Cell Culture Flask,Lo profile, Filter Cap, Sterile, 5/Pack, 50/Case

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Advanced TC flask, HIPFL, Filter, 40/cs, 4/Pack, 40/Case

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Additional Details

-Free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA

-Non-Pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic


- Cultivation of fastidious and sensitive cells

- Usage of serum-reduced or serum-free media

- Differentiation of semi-adherent cells

- Transfection

- Transduction

- Automation/High-throughput analysis


- Improved cell adherence

- Consistent cell attachment

- Homogenous cell growth

- In-vivo like morphology

- Increased cell yield

- Optimal cultivation conditions for sensitive cells

- Permits usage of serum-reduced or serum-free media

- Reduced cell los due to (automated) washing steps

- Improved assay consistency

- Storage at room temperature

- 2-year shelf life 

-With blue filter screw cap