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ACTaq™ Blue Hot-Start DNA Polymerase

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ACTaq™ DNA Polymerase originates from Thermus Aquaticus with molecular weight of 94KDa. ACTaq™ Blue Hot-Start DNA Polymerase differs from ACTaq™ DNA Polymerase such that it contains antibody binding Taq which enables the activation of Taq only at 94oC. Additionally, it also comes with preloaded blue tracking and loading dye. The activation step eliminates the presence of non-specifics such as primer-dimer formation and mis-primed products, by ensuring the enzyme is inactive at temperature below 94oC. ACTaq™ Blue Hot-Start DNA Polymerase reduces the risk of contamination, making reaction preparation at ease when carried out in room temperature.

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ACTaq™ Blue Hot-Strt DNAPolymerase, 250U

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ACTaq™ Blue Hot-Strt DNAPolymerase,1000U

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Hot-Start Activation Step: Pre-incubate 2 minutes at 94oC prior to thermal cycling.

Storage Condition: -20oC. Stable for 12 months in constant freezer temperature.

Concentration: 1 Unit/μL

Unit Definition: One unit of the amount of enzyme that incorporates 10nmols of dNTPs into acid-insoluble material in 30 minutes at 72oC.

Product Components: ACTaq™ Blue Hot-Start DNA Polymerase (Antibody bound recombinant Taq DNA Polymerase); PCR reaction buffer; 10X 25mM MgCl2. (Buffer and MgCl2 concentrations are customizable upon request)

Storage Buffer: 10mM Tris (pH 8.2), 50mM KCL, 0.5% BSA, 0.5% NP-40, 50% glycerol.

PCR Reaction Buffer: 10x PCR buffer with Mg2+. 15mM MgSO4, 100mM KCl, 80mM (NH4)2SO4, 100mM Tris-HCl, pH 9.0, 0.5%NP-50.

Quality Control: ACTaq™ Blue Hot-Start DNA Polymerase is highly purified. Free of contaminating endonucleases, exonucleases, and nicking activities. The purity of the enzyme is evaluated by SDS-PAGE at >95% purity.