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50mL Centrifuge Tube Filter System

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Eliminate a sample transfer step by filtering directly into a 50mL tube

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Product Name Part # Image Price Qty
50mL Centrifuge Tube Filter, PES, 0.22ΞΌm, Sterile, 12/Case

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50mL Centrifuge Tube Filter, PES, 0.45ΞΌm, Sterile, 12/Case

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Multi-purpose Centrifuge Tube Stand, Reusable, Non-Sterile, 5/Case

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Additional Details

• Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane for high flow and low binding

• Two membrane pore sizes: 0.22 or 0.45μm

• Centrifuge Tube Filter Systems include tube filter, centrifuge tube and cap

• Centrifuge Tube Filter Systems are packaged sterile (gamma irradiated) in bags

• 1 Centrifuge Tube Stand included with each case of Centrifuge Tube Filter Systems

• Centrifuge Tube Stand also available separately (P/N 229409)