2-Step RT-PCR Kit

-M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase synthesis of first strand cDNA

-Taq Polymerase amplification

-Supplied with Oligo(dT)18 and random nonamer primers (dN)9 primers

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2-Step RT-PCR, 25 Reactions GBS-786-614
The 2-Step RT-PCR Kit has all the reagents needed to synthesize the first-strand cDNA followed by the amplification of the cDNA product using PCR. Oligo(dT)18 and random nonamer primers (dN)9 are provided according to different experimental needs. The kit uses M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase, which is the protein product of mouse leukemia virus gene pol with a single 71kD peptide chain. The enzyme has a low RNase H activity. Using oligo(dT)18 or random nonamer as the primer, M-MLV RTase synthesizes the first-strand cDNA. PCR reagents provided in this kit are then used to amplify the cDNA. This kit provides a complete solution from RNA to PCR products, simple and convenient for use.